hi everyone, sorry for asking so much but we could really use donations right now. if you can donate or signal boost we really appreciate it. thank you for your help and your prayers/kind thoughts.

you can click the donation button on my page, email, or click here.

our situation, short version: 
two disabled homeless girls need donations to live

our situation, long version: (cw: food, medicine, doctor mentions)
for those who dont know us, bvsedsqvalor and i are broke, chronically ill, autistic nonbinary girls crashing on a floor.
we have been repeatedly denied government assistance and we have no way to pay for healthcare, food, n other basic needs. we have no more money and are on the last of the medication and food we have. we are so thankful for the help we’ve gotten so far, but unfortunately i still havent been able to get any of the supplements i need. ive been missing vital doctors appointments and am healing from several injuries on top of all the chronic illness stuff.
we need to do laundry again badly, the pillows we sleep and spend most day (bed rest) on need to be washed too. 
we also were never able to put enough together for the cell phone we had to leave when we fled an abusers house. a phone is really important for our safety as well as the benefits of having alarms and reminders for disability stuff.
thank you again <3

please help us out, we greatly appreciate anything we can get




i havent posted about the tiny house project in a bit because stuff has been kinda hectic here. for those of you who don’t know, a bunch of my friends and i who are too sick to work and have been left to drown in chronic poverty were living together and collectively coping to help each other out. and because we didnt have anywhere else to go. unsurprisingly, this housing situation also fell apart, as it tends to, and we’ve been dispersed.

for the time being, everyone else has found somewhere safe to go, except for me. I have about two months to figure out if there’s anyone else on earth who’ll have me, inability to contribute income and all - or to get the tiny houses thing going, and fast. i know way too many of you are familiar with this situation of finally being left with no options, and honestly, most of my friends are also experiencing this outside of this particular group.

put simply, i’m goddamn sick of watching people get sicker and more homeless and die because of completely needless poverty created by artificially withholding the necessities of life to motivate people to work at jobs that don’t even exist. 

my friends and i propose at least one (hopefully more) tiny community of microhomes for chronically ill, disabled, mentally ill, and autistic LGBTQIA++ folk like us who can’t escape the cycle of poverty on their own, where we could all live rent-free in a supportive community that shares resources (like food, internet access, money and so forth) off-the-grid. there’s a lot of other facets to it but that’s the tl;dr version. we need each other.

since there are so many people that need this right now, i’m just going to keep pestering you all about it. we cannot do this alone, we need help to make that happen. and frankly, i’m not doing so hot with all these posts i’ve made. I’ve got 400 followers (and i love all of u) but i know its less than most of the people I’m following so uh seriously throw me a bone here and at least reblog this?

right now, we mostly need help brainstorming & getting more solid price estimates so that we can pitch this as a fundraiser, and also potentially pitching it to existing organizations that work with homeless LGBT / chronically ill people. believe it or not, there ARE people who want to fund things like this! They just probably want to know how much it’s going to cost! And also probably don’t know that we’re out here looking for someone to help us!!

this is the most recent tiny house design i’ve been looking at; not all of them would be this size or shape, and we may in fact not settle on a design like this at all. if you need some different visuals, you can check out the pinterest board we’re keeping to draw inspiration from, or, which we’d like to model heavily off of.

if you want to see this happen and are interested in helping out please come get in contact with me (here on tumblr). We have a group skype chat I can invite you to as well as a forum where we’ll be posting all of the info and resources we’re using as we collect it, for anyone who wants to lurk politely, or use this to their own benefit anywhere. We do NOT intend to EVER collect profit on this or seek “ownership” of any of it.

We desperately need help doing this, and if nothing else, please signal boost or pass this on to anyone, anywhere,  who might be interested in helping out or passing it along as well. 

To my followers: im going to queue this to post every few hours, and if it bothers you, then fuck off, because seriously my time is running out. i get sicker by the day and i’m not kidding when i say i have nowhere to go.

Please help my family